Porsche Parade Tours for 2017

Tour Descriptions in PDF format (including the overview below) updated on 5/10/17

Tour Schedule in PDF format updated on 7/1/17


Continuing with last year’s set-up at Jay Peak, we will again be offering both guided (directed) and self-guided driving tours for the Spokane Parade. Theses tours will be both in eastern Washington and northern Idaho. Some driving tours will be by car and others will be by contracted bus service due to the destination location and venue.


As we have seen over the past few years, driving tours have become the most popular activity throughout many of the PCA regions and the Porsche Parade is no different. Since many of you come long distances to Parade, you may be driving rental cars instead of your preferred Porsches. This should not preclude you from registering for a driving tour at Parade. All driving roads at Parade are on primary U.S. or state highways and therefore will not be a problem for any non-Porsche to navigate.

For safety reasons, we suggest that driving tour participants have a working cellular phone, and a GPS device is also a nice option. It is also helpful to bring your two-way walkie-talkie radios, if you use them in your home region AND they are of the type that can be tuned to both a radio channel and a security sub-channel (e.g. Channel 7, security channel 12). In this age of distracted driving, it is important that we, as a group, drive safely and courteously on all of our tours. To that end, it is important to have two people in your car (driver and navigator) if you also volunteer to be a group leader or sweeper so that the navigator is the person doing the communicating on the cell phone or radio while the driver concentrates on the road and the other cars in the group.

There are three main guided driving tours, two guided bus tours and one walking tour during the week of Parade. The guided driving tours, the walking tour and the bus tours repeat during the week. The six (6) self-directed driving tours offer alternatives for those who cannot participate in one of the guided tours due to time or schedules or just want to do something on their own or in a small group of cars. A couple of the self-guided tours are specifically designed for families.

All guided driving tours will start from the Spokane Interstate Fairgrounds, which are 4.5 miles east of the Davenport Grand Hotel. Directions: https://goo.gl/maps/xuKw62Jvpxz

The “Visit Spokane” tourism office will operate a concierge desk at Parade and will recommend additional self-driving routes and excursions, other than those listed here, to Parade participants. In addition, visitor publications will be easily accessible at the Parade hotel locations.